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Sep. 1st, 2007

In case any of you have missed it, I have moved to peterpansflight. This journal will still be around.

first post at the new journal


Hey guys! As much as I was against the idea earlier, I am moving to a new journal. Here are the reasons why:

1.) I have completely different interests than the ones I had when I started pipefox. I no longer have that much interest in manga, nor in making manga icons. I found out a while ago that being at this journal makes me feel like I *have* to post manga icons. Yes, it's dumb but that's what I was into when this journal started so I think most of the watchers here want manga icons. I decided to get a new journal to start over because of this.

2.) I wanted to change to a community journal for a while now. A lot of icon makers with personal journals do this, simple because it's easier than having to log out and relogin to post icons.

No need to change the credit for the current icons you have because this journal will still be here. This new journal will probably have mostly Disney & movie icons. If you'd like to still watch me please go to peterpansflight.


50 icons

42 quotes from various people and books
8 misc (1776, Singin' in the Rain)

There is a list at the bottom of this post on who said what on the icons.

teasers: 7.) 20.) 29.)

the older you get the more you learnCollapse )

82 icons~

If you're on my f-list, it is embarrassingly obvious that I icon things I've been watching/reading/posting about lately. :O

24 Lilo and Stitch
16 Aladdin
12 Road to El Dorado
16 Harry Potter (OotP + some random)
10 fanart from Makani (read her FAQ for image use policy)
4 Draco and the Malfoys lyrics

+ Crediting pipefox or adventures is cool, for traffic purposes. ♥
+ Textless are not bases.

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more often than not, are hotter than hotCollapse )

84 manga bases + FO banner

For any who might be still out of the loop, this is kthnxbaicons ^^

Bases! Just for my own amusment. No credit necessary, but you can credit pipefox or adventures if you like.

69 xxxHOLIC
15 Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle
1 xxxHOLIC FO banner

teasers: 06.) 44.) 74.)

The Many Faces of WatanukiCollapse )

Name change

kthnxbaicons → pipefox

Felt like it was time for a change. I had this name put on email notification. I will probably be fiddling around with the layout/icons/userinfo for the next week or so. XD But, there you go! Everything should be changed automatically to pipefox, unless you spelled 'kthnxbaicons' wrong. :]

I will still be posting:
animanga icons
disney icons
stock icons

HOWEVER, I may not be posting Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle icons anymore because I have decided to stop reading it. May post some from earlier chapters though.

Thanks for reading!

99 icons

17 Howl's Moving Castle
25 Hercules
23 The Lion King
23 Cars
11 Calvin and Hobbes

Credit would be nice for traffic purposes :)
Please credit either adventures or pipefox

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It means no worries for the rest of your daysCollapse )

56 icons

42 Ouran Koukou Host Club
14 Koukou Debut

+ Crediting adventures or pipefox is awesome ♥
+ Please remember there is an 'n' in "kthnxbaicons"
+ Blanks are NOT bases, I'll add something to it if you want.
+ Comment if take, and enjoy, and don't direct link, PLEASE DONT :3

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Tamaki has such a cute smileCollapse )
1. I didn't really try on these. 8D;; I'm in a funk where I go "Ew, this looks awful!" on everything. So I just did some layering and sharpening. But I hope you enjoy them anyway!
2. Credit not required. I would rather you not use them as bases, but you can. Credit pipefox or my rename adventures if you like.
3. Coming in April: Manga bases! Yay!!

20 Disney Movie Posters
24 The Sword in the Stone
08 Robin Hood
07 Archie Comics (Jughead Jones)

teasers: 17. 44. 57.

pour your sugar on me, babyCollapse )

Yaayyy nostalgia!

Wow, a second post under a week! Must be a record. Anyway, I was hit with random nostalgia for old school cartoons and such =D!! I looked at a variety of sources for these quotes and they may not all be *correct* Some are from my head too, so...:D;;

17 Hey Arnold! quotes
19 The Weekenders quotes
8 Pepper Ann quotes
4 Doug quotes
2 Angry Beavers quotes
1 Wild Thornberrys quote
51 total

+ Crediting adventures or pipefox is awesome ♥
+ Please remember there is an 'n' in "kthnxbaicons"
+ Blanks are NOT bases, I'll add something to it if you want.
+ Comment if take, and enjoy, and don't direct link, PLEASE DONT :3

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